Benefits of LinkedIn


There are so many benefits to LinkedIn! It’s not just a digital portfolio like so many people think! Let’s dive in to some of the many benefits of using LinkedIn to grow your personal brand and business online!

Linkedin is a must use tool if you are trying to grow your personal brand, business to business, or trying to target specific individuals such as CEO’s or decision makers.

Regardless of what your current opinion on LinkedIn might be, it’s time to set it up the correct way, and give it another look!

Before we go into these benefits, it’s important to understand your goals of what you actually want to use Linkedin for. Are you using it as a lead generator to grow your business? Are you trying to get more speaking engagements? Are you trying to get hired by a company or job recruiter? Make sure you answer these questions first as you should always go in with a plan. The benefits will vary a bit depending on your answer to this.

Here’s just a brief look at some of the many LinkedIn benefits for business:

LinkedIn advance search feature

  • You can reach specific individuals through advanced search

  • You can position your profile to be the perfect solution to what your target client is looking for

  • Because of how few people are using LinkedIn for business in every niche, it’s a massive opportunity for you

  • LinkedIn video is in its infancy!

  • LinkedIn live is coming soon and another massive opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor

  • Posting articles on Linkedin is a powerful way to leverage SEO

  • The LinkedIn algorithm works how it should! More engagement = more reach

  • You can use tools like DuxSoup to automate your sales process

This is just one quick overview to the benefits of LinkedIn. Whether you are looking to grow your account for personal branding reasons, get more leads and sales, or are just trying to get a job at a company, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for all things business.