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Case Study



To create a significant online presence to boost the Beginnings Treatment Centers brand awareness as well as create a consistent and high quality source of online leads for people seeking addiction treatment.


  • Create a targeted and dominant YouTube marketing strategy

  • Create a unique and engaging social media presence across all major platforms(Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and YouTube)

  • Paid advertising strategy across Google PPC, YouTube, and Facebook

  • Targeted Email newsletters

  • Weekly podcasts

  • Targeted Facebook group

YouTube Channel Results

Addiction Treatment Center YouTube Views

Addiction Treatment Center YouTube Views

YouTube strategy

The idea was to create a large library of educational and helpful video content that is highly searchable for the purpose of helping people online and leveraging the worlds second most popular search engine as a lead source.

Youtube results

Consistently Month-after-month receives:

  • Quality leads

  • Website traffic

  • 45,000+ Views


Website Analytics

organic traffic.png

Website strategy

The strategy for the website was simple; drive quality traffic to all landing pages from social media, paid advertising and organic SEO in order to generate leads via phone calls, live chats, and form fills.

Website results

Over the course of the past year, there has been a consistent increase of SEO keyword ranking resulting in increased leads, phone calls, and live chats.


Social Media

Our goal for Beginnings Treatment Centers social media accounts was to do something that we had not seen before in the addiction treatment field! An active and educational presence across all platforms! (what a concept, right?) Coming from a digital marketing background, this was easy to achieve, as the competition in the space is extremely limited.



On Instagram, we noticed that all addiction recovery oriented posts and content simply was either not hitting enough people, or only being engaged with by other treatment centers.

Our solution?

Target the mental health space. By tapping into mental health content(Beginnings is a dual diagnosis facility) we were able to achieve massive reach and engagement. Through this strategy, along with mixing in strong call to action content, We are driving consistent website traffic and online leads.


Facebook provided a lot of opportunity for us as it is a very diverse platform. Through leveraging both existing Facebook groups, creating our own online support community(Ask an Addiction Specialist) and a strong organic video, live stream, and content strategy, we are able to generate consistent and quality leads and website traffic.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing


Pinterest is an extremely undervalued social media platform that when leveraged correctly, can drive consistent and quality leads and website traffic to your website. In fact, as seen in the analytics screenshot above, Pinterest is the 4th highest traffic driver for Beginnings! Over the course of this past year, Pinterest has driven thousands of website visitors, and is generating quality leads, every single week!

Sober Grind Podcast

Sober Grind was a fun and ambitious strategy for lead generation. A treatment center creating a weekly educational live stream and audio podcast? We had never seen it done. None the less, we gave it a strong go! Sober Grind has a wonderful dedicated audience that both tunes in live every single week and downloads every episode while continuing to grow.

sober grind listens.png


LinkedIn is another incredible platform that is simply not being leveraged enough for addiction treatment facilities. Not only can growing your connections help your business development team reach and connect with targeted people to build referral sources, but it acts as an additional content distribution platform that can reach thousands of people!


Beginnings Treatment Centers is a truly incredible and caring facility and it has been our absolute pleasure working with them and helping them develop a dominant presence in an online world where there simply is very little competition. From our digital marketing efforts, they are receiving additional quality leads that they can accept every single month.

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